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New solid modeler front end

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Well we now have a solid modeler at last: called Hex. The underlying CAD kernel is the established Opencascade. We are only really selling the FEA addon and so Hex remains free. For us it principally allows the user to import a step/iges file as before but creation of the analysis job is a lot easier than with the older standalone and we have proper CAD-like zoom/pan/rotate and face selection, property boxes, object trees etc. However there are some powerful CAD tools in Hex; sufficient that you may find you don't need another CAD/solid modeler. And everything is fully integrated, so there is no need to start the FEA from within the CAD environment. At some not-so-distant point multiphysics will be added and perhaps nurbs surfacing too.

Of course we are still finding & fixing minor bugs and adding some features; such as a new sectioning command (which uses a cutting plane and retains both split parts) and that will continue. I am used to direct modeling so the product will be heading in that direction rather than using history trees.

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